Refik KIZILTAN was born in Kadirli in 1923, a Real Republican Child. His undeterred and compelling personality was obvious in his childhood. After finishing his elementary school, his teacher tells him the the Ministry of National Education will open an examination in Adana for boarding just 5 students in the Industrial Vocational High Schools. He immediately tells about to his older brother Tahsin KIZILTAN. The two together immediately start the way to Adana, they travel by carts and by walking most of the time,  transportation facilities was not so developed then.

They arrive to Adana and learn the exams wil be one month later. They don't go back to their village and stay in Adana for a month.

The exam date comes, a lot of students attend the exams, but Refik KIZILTAN passes the exams. He, a child already, leaves his family for education and goes to Konya. He always tells that he had the honour to meet Atatürk while he was studying.

Finally, he graduates the school and goes to Eskişehir for Military Service in the Airplane Factory. After he completes the Military Service he starts teaching in Mersin, in 1945. He begins to teach in Mersin Industrial Vocational High School as a Machining Teacher.

One day, Tevfik Sırrı GÜR, the old Governor of Mersin, comes to school and makes a meeting with the teachers. He asks the teachers to study in manufacturing water pumps. This meeting makes Refik KIZILTAN to think hard about this idea. He works hard and finally resigns from the school to produce water pumps. He succeeds and produces the first pump in Turkey in 1948.
REFIK KIZILTAN - 1923 - 15/02/2008